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Jeana Kimball’s Straw Needles Size 10

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16 size 10 Straw needles in a handy pack.

The Size 10 Straw is the same length as the Size 11 Straw needle but it is slightly thicker. The thicker shank accommodates a larger eye, making it easier to thread than the Size 11. It’s thick shank also keeps it from bending while stitching. Jeana prefers the Size 10 for the majority of her applique stitching. She also recommends it for beginners who are trying Straw needles for the first time.

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Jeana Kimball is a highly regarded quilter and teacher.

Best known for use in hand applique, the Straw needle has a narrow shank that glides easily through several layers of fabric. Since the eye of the needle is punched within the existing shank, it does not hesitate at the eye when pulled through fabric. The Straw needle is also useful for basting, hand piecing, and applique.


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