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Fruit of the Strawberry Bush & Sage Soap -Nesti Dante Gli Officinali

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Fragrant sage is infused with strawberry bush to offer a prolonged sensation of freshness.  After unwrapping the soap use the Florentine paper in drawers to fragrance clothes and your favourite linens.

Made with love and care in Firenze Italy since 1947.


  • A natural luxurious fragrant & handcrafted cleansing bar.
  • Helps thoroughly cleanse skin while nourishing & moisturizing leaving skin soft smooth & pampered.
  • Enriched with precious “officinali” pharmaceutical herbs that intensify the therapeutic benefits of bathing.
  • Free of mineral oils parabens petrochemicals sulphates & synthetic surfactants.
  • Hand-wrapped in paper with beautiful botanical illustrations topped with an elegant ribbon.

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