l’uccello is on the move!

After 15 wonderful years at the Nicholas Building, l’uccello is on the move! 

As we have all had to adapt to so many changes and challenges over the last couple of years, l’uccello has had to adapt and find new ways to operate and to respond to new opportunities. Our online store, thanks to our wonderful customers, has kept us going and continues to do so.

In the middle of all last year’s disruptions, we had the great opportunity to collaborate with Devonstone Collections on our new fabric ranges Rue Floriane & Comptoir De Toile. We are delighted with the outcome, we love our new fabrics, some have already sold out and are now being reprinted.

This new part of our business is exciting and inspiring, and it needs more time and energy to continue and flourish.

So, we have decided to adjust the way we work,  l’uccello will be moving to a lovely new location in St Kilda where we will continue to fill our Online Store with beautiful fabrics, threads, haberdashery, and other treasures. We will also continue to provide our best customer service and will only be a phone call or email away should you need any assistance.

We will also be expanding our design studio so that we can develop exciting new projects, including more fabric ranges, new products, new collaborations and new ways to connect with you all.

Sadly, we won’t be able to have in store shopping at our new location, but we will be out and about at various craft shows and special events and look forward to catching up with you soon.

Our Melbourne store will be open as usual until Saturday May 7th,
Monday – Saturday, 10am – 4pm, we do hope you will have time to visit us before then.

Stay in touch with all our latest news on Instagram, Facebook and by newsletter. To sign up for our newsletter head to our website, it is at the bottom of the front page. We will still be available for phone orders & enquiries at our new studio, we will update the details after the move in May.

We are excited to be attending the Melbourne Craft & Quilt Fair 21st – 24th July, we will have lovely new products & projects on our stand.

We are so grateful for all of your support & friendship and can’t wait to share the next part of our journey with you.

Sending very best wishes from all the team at l’uccello.


  1. Lydia

    So disappointed to read this. There’s nothing like choosing fabric in person in store. Good luck in your new venture.

  2. Rachel Bentley

    It is great to read that you have been able to adapt your business and also to further develop your creativity in new ways. I loved the quirky shop but rarely get to Melbourne so online will be continue to be convenient!

  3. Lisa

    Visiting your shop has been the highlight of my past trips to Melbourne. It is such a shame that your shop won’t be there the next time I visit but congratulations on the move. I hope that in the future you might have the opportunity to attend the Perth craft and Quilt Fair that would be a real treat.

  4. Helen St George Cooper

    Will miss coming to see you. When the Perth craft fair is back up and running, will you be coming to that? Sincerely hope so.
    Good luck with this new part in your journey…will be a disappointment not to come and browse your beautiful things and indulge in a few nice things…
    I still have the paper bags when I was last there! So they will definitely go in my souvenir book!
    Kindest regards

  5. Serena Lindeman

    I am so grateful to the L’uccello team for every one of that 15 years. Every time I needed a colour of thread or petersham ribbon or just the right trim for my client’s hat you were there with your treasury of interesting things. I know the last couple of years has caused us all to rethink how we do things so I do undersand that moving on is necessary for you. I wish you every success with your business. May you prosper.

  6. Margaret McDonald

    Coming to Melbourne from country Victoria I visited your shop each time. I will miss visiting Nicholas building and your beautiful shop. Good luck with the move and I’m sure we will still support you online.

  7. Pam Blackwell

    I loved coming to your little shop my friend and I came up when we stayed in Melbourne for our wedding anniversary’s

  8. Jan

    Good luck with the new venture, looking forward to seeing all of your new projects at the Craft and Quilt Fair, Cheers, Jan

  9. Valerie Bond

    Wishing you all the best on your new journey always loved popping in to the shop.
    Alas things change we move forward. Good luck to you all.

  10. H. Davidson

    Heather D. So sorry to hear you are moving from CBD, but sincerely wish you well with your move. Your shop was always my first “go to” when I visited the city for whatever reason. Always so inspirational, – would walk out feeling so happy & “on top of the world,” could not wait to arrive home & begin a new, exciting l’uccello kit. Best Wishes.

  11. Indiana

    So grateful I will get to visit one last time when I finally get to Melbourne after the last 2 years. Great to know you will still be in business. Thank you for the last 15 years.

  12. Viv Holmes

    My favourite shop in Melbourne. The.
    Nicholas building was my first stop when arriving in Melbourne. Look forward to catching up at various craft shows.!

  13. Amanda

    I will miss your beautiful shop in the wonderful Nicholas building. I visited when i came from Christchurch to visit my family. All the best for your new venture.

  14. Jill McNeice

    Travelling from Hobart to Melbourne this week, was going to visit your lovely shop. Will now visit on line. Good luck, Jay.

  15. Frances

    Thank you for selling such gorgeous, quality products. I loved buying from your gorgeous store – what a wonderland. Good luck with the new venture.

  16. Gina

    Sorry you left a beautiful old building where your stock suited the part. I’m sure you do well on your on line business but ot is not the same coming into your store. I always make a trip into store when I’m in town. Well I hope to see in the next quilting show in 2023. Goid luck Kim

  17. Carole

    Standing at your old shop ready for some major craft indulgence – my annual treat when I come down to Melbourne for Christmas but you have gone. So sad:(

  18. MaryAnne

    I agree with all these wonderful praiseworthy comments. The shop/studio was a refuge and inspiration within a faster and faster paced city. And like a library no rushing at all.
    Good luck in your new venture.

  19. Susan Read

    So sorry you have closed I never came to Melbourne with out buying something from you .
    I will be in Melbourne the first 2 weeks of July 2023 are you likely to be having any pop up stores or
    be at any markets .?

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