L’uccello Vintage Floral Quilt

We made this simple quilt to feature our beloved collection of vintage and vintage style large scale floral fabrics.

It features:

– 4”(finished size) squares (cut size 4.5”)

– a boarder made from the left over random length scraps, 1.5” wide (finished size) strips, (cut size 2”)

Things to note are:

  • Select a variety of different coloured backgrounds, light, medium and dark or the quilt will look flat.
  • Fussy cut some flowers but not all, use up any off centre flowers and some with just foliage, it stops it looking too contrived.
  • It is a scrappy quilt, the more variety you have the better it will look.
  • If you have beautiful scraps don’t be afraid to have a few “economy pieced” squares as well.
  • The boarder is made from randomly joined strips of scraps

When joining squares together we recommend sewing them into blocks of 4 and then joining those together into blocks of 4 before joining them together. It is easier than sewing long strips of single squares together.

To make the boarder just make one continuous string of strips and just sew it around the edges once you have finished the squares. It is up to you how many times you go around, we did 4 rows.

Our quilt is approximately 82”  wide x 71” long but feel free to make it what ever size you like. To make a quilt this size you would need approximately 4 -5 metres of fabrics, that will of course vary on how much fussy cutting is done in which case maybe more.

Quilt as desired, we had ours machine quilted in Baptist Fan pattern.  Due to the variety of fabrics used, including soft furnishings fabrics hand quilting might be a bit of a challenge.


  1. Noelene Gregory

    Thanks so much Kim that’s exactly what I needed to know Looking forward to getting the bundles to start another lockdown project Let’s hope not for much longer XxxNoelene 😍🥰😍

  2. Judy Kilkeary

    Absolutely gorgeous.
    How much fabric would you use of each one to make the top of this quilt. Do you have all the fabric in stock?

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